What is Soylent?

The question we hear most often is, “What is Soylent?” While you, our valued community members, have journeyed with us through the development of Soylent 2.0, we recognize that the idea of a nutritionally complete meal-in-a-bottle is still an unfamiliar concept to most of the larger population. Misconceptions abound surrounding Soylent. That’s to be expected with anything new and different. We often find ourselves answering the same questions: “No, you don’t have to drink Soylent for every meal.” “Yes, Soylent is recognized as a food by the FDA.” “No, we have no relationship with Charlton Heston.” But this is part of our responsibility as a transparent company, one that is dedicated to a community of engaged customers. We are passionate about addressing your curiosity with honest, straightforward explanations. As we continue to grow and enter new markets, we anticipate answering many more of these familiar questions. To assist in this task, we have produced a brief explainer video that answers, “What is Soylent?” This video will live on the Soylent homepage. Consider it a welcome mat for friends and strangers alike, for whom our light's always on, our door's always open, and our fridge is always stocked with ice cold Soylent. ____________________________________________________________ Soylent & Burning Film Productions soylent.com // burningfilm.com Directed by Andrew Harris Produced by Ryland Burns Written by Abel Charrow Director of Photography: Ben Mullen Editor: Ryland Burns VFX: John Bashyam Illustrator: Lindsey Kugler Composer: Ari Balouzian Co-Producer: Christo Arsenio Production Designer: Angus Bernsen 1st AC: Mitchell Parks Colorist: Dimitri Rajapakse VO Recordist: Jan Bezouska Special Thanks: Solazyme Clairmont Camera White Light Audio MPC CFG Matt Wiggins
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