Robot Revolution, will machines surpass humans (2013-05-04) Full HD 1080P

Documentary which aired Saturday May 4th 2013
Titled Robot Revolution : Will Machines surpass humans

Features Honda Asimov, Hubo, Big Dog from Boston Dynamics, Baxter from Rethink Robotics, Nextage and other Humanoids

Disclaimer : I do not own the copyright to this programme, this is a recording from NHK World and is the IP of international. I do not intend to break copyright however I feel the usefulness of the programme in inspiring innovation and improving lives is more important. Hopefully will make the content available online themselves.

Apologies for the missing 10 minutes at the end, I rushed to find an sd card for the last showing of the programme, and I already had data on it so the final 10 mintutes wasn't recorded, I remember it as being a recap of the rest of the programme.