MYSTERY WHEEL OF CAKE CHALLENGE!!! Who Can Bake the Best Dessert???

The Mystery Wheel is back. But this time we're making cake instead of slime! Who will make the prettiest cake? Who will make the tastiest cake? And who will make the fruitiest cake? Click here for more Mystery Wheel Challenge videos: Mystery Wheel of Slime Challenge! Mystery Wheel of Slime 3 Color Glue Challenge! Mystery Wheel of Cake Challenge! Mystery Wheel of Ice Cream Sundae Challenge! Click here for more FUN CHALLENGES! SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE: POP TARTS CHALLENGE: CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE: OREO CHALLENGE: BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE: BEAN BOOZLED (Parents Edition): ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE: PIZZA CHALLENGE: PRINGLES CHALLENGE: Pringles Challenge PARENTS EDITION: ICE CREAM CHALLENGE: CHICKEN NUGGET CHALLENGE: CHIPS AHOY CHALLENGE: EXPLODING WATERMELON CHALLENGE: CHECK OUT OUR OTHER CHANNELS! EvanTubeHD: JillianTubeHD: EvanTubeGaming: DTSings: FOLLOW US! Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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