I asked Vik to sell me his BMW M3

My sexiest mofos - Today we went through a rollercoaster of disappointments and odd wins: - Continuing the "Get Farghini The Perfect Car" Saga - Asking Vik to sell me his beloved, one of a kind, BMW M3 - The most amazing Ferrari California ad. Also, the watches launch NOW! If you'd like to get yours do it at: http://shopsalomondrin.com and we'll also send you a matching hat to the watch that we made in collaboration with Gorilla! BUT if you'd like to get the watches from the Gorilla Website and still want a hat, use code SALOMONDRIN and we'll ship a hat with your watch! I'm so fucking excited to start this journey and see where it goes! Thank you all for your support and kind words Special thanks to Octavio and Lukas, you brilliant SOBs! Thank you for everything! HELP US BECOME THE FIRST CHANNEL WITH 1 BILLION SUBSCRIBERS - https://goo.gl/Qa85Ri To get more involved in our community or to redeem your P-Nos Points go to: http://www.Salomondrin.com LATEST UPLOADS: https://goo.gl/YUYc0o
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