Making A Coconut-Dehusker|Coconut-Splitter/ប្រដាប់បកដូង

Published on March 30, 2019 In this video, I want to show you the amazing skills of blacksmiths in my country. They are poor blacksmiths, they don’t have modern machines to make tools. They use traditional tools like power hammers, fan for blowing wind, and they use a few small machines to help them. Their skills are really amazing and I believe that not many blacksmiths can make this tool. This tool is really useful and easy to use. Before it was a hard work for women to peel off the coconut skin. With this tool, it is not a hard work for them anymore. Please watch through the video and if you like it, don’t forget to subscribe, comment, like, and share. Thanks for your support in advance.
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