[SFM/FNAF] Salvonic - Epoch Remix by TLT

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3m3_7RoGZk

Story (It's kinda long xD):
This is the story of The Afton Family, 1 of 5. The story starts with Michael, one the ground after ennard has left his body, then soonly
he wakes up with purple skin and confused. Then the story goes back with Michael when he was younger with is siblings and father.
Michael's dad, William, always seemed to like Michael's siblings more than him which made Michael disappointed. One day when they went to their
Father's work place, Circus Baby's Pizza World, and Michael who doesn't care about his father's warning to going to an animatronic alone and
allows his sister go to baby on her own, sadly it didn't go well and she died. Obvously he felt so bad thinking he's the reason why his sister is dead
and doesn't know what to do. Then after a while William gives Michael a task, the task was to make his younger brother scared of the animatronics
so that nothing like that happens again. Then again Michael goes too far and causes another death in his family. Years later his father tells Michael that there
is a chance to get his little sister back and sends Michael underground to get her back. Then the rest of the animatronics are now in his way to kill him
because he looks awfully like his dad, who has caused them to die and are furious; then even Baby, his sister, herself who recognises him as
Michael finds this as a bit of revenge for her death choosing his body to escape with. Then Michael thinks about his past was just full of mistakes,
then after some knowledge he finds out that his dad is a killer and tries to help some animatronics be free by destroying them, but to try and save himself
and enters the Springbonnie suit getting springlocked in the progress, but since to his condition of not being able to die he accepts his fate trapped away
the suit. 30 years later and a new place has opened called Fazbear's Fright Michael decides to get his revenge on William and burns the place down.
He finds William and completes his revenge, now that Michael has completed his final deed his soul finally passes on.

I have watched Game Theory's theory and yes I do rethink my story, but fack it.