3D WHEEL CAKE Tutorial | Yeners Cake Tips with Serdar Yener from Yeners Way

Making a car cake as a birthday cake is wonderful idea but not only is it challenging, but it can also be quite expensive for your customer. An alternative idea that is easier to make and cheaper for your customers is a tire cake.

Today I want to show you my way of making a realistic 3D Wheel Cake. I will show you how to make the rim with pastillage, how to carve the cake accordingly, and how to create the treads on the tires.

0:05 - Introduction
0:52 - Tools & Materials
3:42 - Recipes & Ingredients
5:08 - Making the Rim
21:13 - Carving the Tire
35:59 - Coating the Tire
48:03 - Spraying the Rim Silver
49:02 - Assembling the Tire
51:27 - Final Thoughts

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Pastillage Recipe

Downloadable Course Material