Death of the Universe! | Tamil | Visaipalagai

How the universe works and how the end of the universe will be? It's all started from the Big bang and ever since the big bang happened universe is expanding. But in this video we are going to discuss about what is the age of the universe and how is gonna be the end of the universe. Source Links: 1. What is light? - 2. Nuclear fusion video (plasma) - 3. How we measure distance of stars and galaxies in space? - 4. Friedmann's equation for age of the universe and scale factor - 5. Playlists: Science For Life - Tech Guide - Explained - Social Media Links: 🎭 Facebook Page: 🐦 Twitter - 📸 Instagram - ALL QUALITY TECH VIDEOS - தமிழில் by visaipalagai in Tamil VISAIPALAGAI - தமிழ் #Tamil Music Credit - Image Credit - Video footage Credit -
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