Plate Tectonic Evolution of North America - Scotese Animation

This animation shows the plate tectonic and paleogeographic evolution of North America from 200 million years ago to the present-day. North America was originally part of thee supercontinent of Pangea. About 200 million years ago, Pangea rifted apart. To the east of North America, the Central Atlantic opened. About 150 million years ago, South America rifted away from North America opening the Gulf of Mexico.

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Scotese, C.R., and Scotese, J.D., 2006. Plate Tectonic Evolution of North America, PALEOMAP Project, Evanston, IL https://youtu.be/2yKNhbY3Nbk

Prof. Christopher R. Scotese
Director, PALEOMAP Project
134 Dodge, Evanston Illinois 60202
817 914 7090 (cell)

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