ROUTE 66 TV S2 E17 "City of Wheels" [opening scene]

The boys get a job at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Long Beach and get mixed up with one of the vets that is kind of bitter about being condemned to a wheel chair, and despite one of the nurses having fallen for him and sincerely loving him, he spurns her as feeling unworthy. Our boys work their magic to make this right, saving his life to boot.

I had a hard time locating this VA Hospital since a large new building has since been built right in front, hiding the original one seen on this show. I am pretty sure it is on Magnolia Rd., Long Beach, CA.

Aired: 2 Feb. 1962
Director: David Lowell Rich; Writers: Frank Chase; Actors: Steven Hill, Bethel Leslie, James T. Callahan, Jacqueline Scott, John Lasell, Henry Beckman