Queal: A Normal Person's Review

For 10% off your first order with Queal, click here: https://queal.com/?qrf=benmatthews and use the code: QRFE0BAB61F This is not a sponsored video, but if you order through this link, I'll get Queal Points... I don't know what queal points are, but they sound good, right? Queal is a new Meal Replacement shake, similar to Huel, but a much smoother texture. Queal were kind enough to reach out to me and ask me to let them know what I thought of their claims, and I made a video about it! Subscribe to keep up to date and check out the rest of my videos through my channels and playlists. For more of my photography and writing, please check out my website at littletipple.com or follow me @little_tipple on instagram. #queal #mealreplacement #fitness
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