25 Bizarre Things Happening In China Right Now

From suicide nets around buildings to ghost cities the size of Denver, these are 25 bizarre things happening in China right now.


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Mr Feng, a Chinese father, hired a bunch of assassins to kill his son's online World of Warcraft character. Apparently his son was wasting too much time after being laid off.
The wealthy upper class has resorted to investing in things like walnuts and jade.
In other news, conmen have started selling cement filled walnuts.
90 people were arrested for spreading rumors about the Mayan apocalypse.
One man even built an ark to escape it.
Love Hunters are people paid by wealthy individuals to scour shopping malls and other establishments for their ideal spouse.
The Chinese government attempted to crack down on gift giving by banning certain luxury commercials. The economy immediately started falling
The smog is so bad it can be seen from space
13 floor buildings have been known to just fall over, almost completely intact. Safety is almost always second to speed when it comes to construction
There are entire cities with no people all over the country
This is thanks to an infrastructure investment driven economy that has grown a bit too quickly
The 8 lane, 26 mile long Qingdao Bridge cost 14.8 billion yuan to build but gets almost no traffic
Entire media organizations like Bloomberg get banned for running articles about the President
Company executives get sentenced to death for committing fraud
With so many people being executed, Interviews Before Execution became a popular TV show in China
Wealthy people have been known, however, to hire doubles to stand-in for them in court and to serve their sentences
Thanks to the whole speed over safety thing, bridges have sometimes collapsed within 1 month of being built
Fake stores are popping up all over the country
China never seems to get out of the milk contamination spotlight. So far the contaminants have included everything from mercury to detergent
Thanks to environmental pollution and chemical spills entire rivers have turned red
China has a national pork reserve that it dips into when prices soar
Perhaps not surprisingly China is now the world's leading consumer of pork related products
Businesses install hang nets to prevent workers from committing suicide
With 85 million people hitting the road during "golden week", traffic jams in China are somewhat epic
Firefighters are on standby in public places to prevent self immolations