Top 5 Dubai Mega Projects Being Built Right Now

These are the five biggest projects under construction in Dubai, and some of them will open as soon as 2019! More information about each project: (Updated January 2020) For more information about each project and their location: 1. Meydan One (2020): According to local news sources, the Meydan One shopping mall will open in the second half of 2020! Location: More information: 2. Dubai Creek Harbour (2021): The first residents moved in last year, but there has not been made any progression on the Creek Harbour Tower sadly. Location: More information: Update October, 2018: 3. Blue Water Island (Island open to public, ferris wheel will open on October 20, 2020): Location: More information: 4. Dubai Harbour (2021): This new suburb is set to open in time for the Expo 2020 this year. The new man-made island will open later this year in October! Location: More information: Update September, 2019: 5. Marsa Al Arab (CANCELED!): Location: More information: They will instead expand the Jumeirah Beach hotel as far as I can find. It will most likely look like this instead: Music used in this video: OrangeHead:
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