Turning A Solid Gudgeon Pin Into An Axe: របៀបធ្វើពូថៅពីអ័ក្សយ៉េនម៉ូតូ

Published On July 2, 2019
Let’s recycle as much as we can!
Blacksmiths are people who help us a lot to recycle old metal or broken metal items.
In this video you will see an awesome work of blacksmiths in Cambodia. They use a small broken motor cycle gudgeon pin to make a very beautiful axe. Making axes is not difficult for them at all as they are skillful or professional blacksmiths. But, what maters them the most is that they don’t have enough modern tools or machines to forge a small thing like this axe. However, after trying, they finally made an axe.
In the previous video, the made a beautiful knife from gudgeon pin and an axe.
If you like their works, here are the links for the videos.
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នេះជាវីដេអូដែលបង្ហាញលោកអ្នកពីភាពអស្ចារ្យរបស់ជាងដែកនៅក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជា។ ពួកគាត់បានធ្វើពូថៅខ្មែរមួយដ៏ស្អាងចេញពីអ័ក្សយ៉េនម៉ូតូដែលខូច។
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