Mauvio for iPhone & iPad — Make your mobile videos sound professional

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Meet Mauvio, an iOS app that brings professional audio tools to mobile video editing. Regardless of whether you use your smartphone for end-to-end video productions or as an auxiliary camera setup, Mauvio is your new portable sound studio. Make a bigger splash on social media, create viral videos and engage with your audience using industry-leading audio tools.

De-Noise | Bring down the noise. — Use De-Noise to instantly reduce background noise from air conditioners, computer fans, busy roads, and machinery or electric noise like hum, buzz and hiss.

Balance | Loud and clear. — Use Balance to even out audio level inconsistencies throughout your video.

Enhance | Shape your vocal tone. — Use Enhance to apply smart tonal shaping on your voice and achieve broadcast-quality results.

Volume | Boost that volume. — Use Volume to intelligently boost or
reduce the loudness of your video, without compromising any audio quality.

How it works:

Step 1: Import a video to Mauvio or record a new one directly through the app.
Step 2: Use Mauvio’s one-slider filters to instantly repair & enhance your audio.
Step 3: Save the video to your Library or share it directly to social media and other video editing apps!
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