MatchX M2 Pro IoT Miner — Better than the Helium Hotspot???

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MXC DataDash:
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MatchX M2 Pro IoT Miner:

What is it?
- IoT Miner that provides LPWAN network coverage for IoT devices
- Rewards you with Cryptocurrency for providing that network (essentially becoming a part owner of a telco network company)
- Focuses: Pullution Control, Smart Parking, Logistics (I.e. package delivery), Agriculture such as tracking live stock and soil conditions

Why choose the M2 Pro?
- They are doing more with less funding (other companies funded over $50 Million, while MatchX is doing a better job with only $2 Million)
- The M2 Pro mines multi - tokens (not just one. also mines BTC)
- M2 Pro mines more TOKEN... meaning higher amount on return
- M2 Pro data coverage is significantly further (up to 40km)
- M2 Pro has sold more than any other IoT Miner
- This will be the FIRST IoT miner that can earn Bitcoin through the Proof of Participation model

Potential ROI?
- I am currently making ~$12.6 USD/day ($4,600 USD/Year)
- Cost of M2 Pro = $3k USD
- ROI after only 7.83 months!
- Staking can increase your ROI, as well.
- Almost no power consumption (less than $0.01/day)

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