Makeshift Work from Home Desk Setup + how to use an iPad as a monitor

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Since I'm living at home for the time being and I work a full-time, remote job in the tech industry (based out of SF), I had to build a new, temporary, workspace/desk setup. I found creative ways to solve for issues due to the fact I am in a different location and time zone, including using your iPad as a monitor/second display!

If you also need to work in a new location temporarily (which I suspect will happen more often now that many jobs have become fully remote or remote flexible), hopefully you can take some elements away from this video (many of which are also portable/travel friendly)!

↳ Mentioned/Shown
- MacBook Pro 13 inch (16 GB)*:
- Griffin Laptop Stand*:
- Apple Magic Keyboard*:
- Grovemade Wood Keyboard Tray*:
- Apple Trackpad*:
- Grovemade Wood Trackpad Tray*:
- BT21 RJ Keyboard:
- Grovemade Leather Desk Pad*:
- iPad Air: (mine is the 3, but linking the newest model)
- iPad Case: (rose gold sold out, similar here:
- Apple Pencil (1st gen):
- Grovemade Wood Monitor Stand*:
- Clip-on Ring Light:
- Verilux HappyLight Lumi Sun Lamp: (only Lumi Plus currently available)
- USBC Multiport SD Card Adapter:
- Prive Revaux Blue Light Glasses (The Maestro):

↳ My Links
Business E-mail: [email protected]
Amazon Shop:

↳ A Little About Me!
- Originally from Boston, now living in San Francisco
- Working in Tech
- Love to sing, dance, travel & create

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↳ What I Used In This Video
Camera: Canon G7 X Mark II
Editing: iMovie
Sound: PoP Voice Condenser Mic
Music: onion and imagine prod. by lukrembo

↳ Disclaimer: * = These products were sent to me (either by my company or the brand). Additionally, some of the links above are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission. Feel free to use them (or not!), it helps my channel out!

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