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MacBook Air 2021 launch: Specs, features, release date, India and everything we know so far

The MacBook Air 2021 is reportedly in the works and is expected to get a design refresh. Besides this, it is also expected to ship with an updated chipset. Now that the launch is supposedly on the cards, we decided to stack everything we know so far about the MacBook Air 2021.

MacBook Air 2021 may launch at the end of this year.
It is expected to get a design refresh.
It may also get an updated processor.

Apple announced a range of MacBook's in November last year. These did not ship with Intel chipsets instead, Apple put its long-rumoured in-house silicon made especially for Macs. This put an end to the 15-year-old alliance between intel and Apple that began in 2005.

The MacBook Air received an upgrade with 10th gen intel chips, a new magic keyboard and 256GB storage (up from 128GB). It was a well-specced laptop and a worthy upgrade to the 2017 MacBook Air. But the arrival of the Macbook M1 Air took away all the spotlight from the 2020 version. The new M1 chipset turns out to be extremely powerful and power-efficient at the same time. And mind you it's no more an entry-level device that can slice any task you throw at it. Yes, it does have its fair share of issues, but we are certain Apple will work that out in future updates.

With two upgrades in a row, we had presumed that there would be no further new MacBook Air's at least in the upcoming year or two. But we could be very wrong with our assumptions, as reports suggest that a redesigned MacBook Air is in the works. As per the report, Apple is developing a thinner and lighter version of the MacBook Air. Not just this, the upcoming Macbook Air is expected to see a few more upgrades.

Another report hints that the upcoming MacBook Air could arrive somewhere in the second half of 2021 or next year. Now that launch is tipped to be on the cards, we decided to stack everything we know so far about the MacBook Air 2021.

MacBook Air 2021 specs and features

--The upcoming MacBook Air 2021 is expected to see a design refresh. According to a tipster, the laptop will get smaller by shrinking the borders around the screen, but the display size is expected to remain the same at 13 inches. Hence, with this upcoming MacBook Air 2021, we can expect the big top and bottom bezels to be diminished hugely. Also, the leaker says that the refresh will be lighter and thinner than the previous iteration MacBook Air.-The MacBook Air is also expected to ship with two USB 4 ports instead of thunderbolt 4 for external connections. We might also see the return of the 3.5mm headphone jack.
Further news coming suggests that Apple will not bring a 15-inch version for the next generation. Apple is also reported to bring MagSafe charging technology and the next-gen in-house chipset to the MacBook Air 2021. The Magsafe technology that allows for magnetic charging was removed with the 2018 redesign. This technology is also supposed to make a comeback as it is an easy and sturdy system for charging. Also, it discards the possibility of any accidental yanking bringing the complete laptop down.
As far as the specs of the MacBook M1 Air is concerned, it is supposed to ship with an upgraded version of the M1 chipset. For your information, it is an ARM-based chipset built on a 5nm manufacturing process. This is an octa-core SoC coupled with a powerful octa-core GPU.

--The first-generation M1 chipset by Apple did wonders to the Macbook Air hence, it will be interesting to find out what Apple has on the table with a new chipset upgrade. Rumours suggest that a new chipset called M1X is in the works, however, this is said to be reserved for the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. Also, we have heard that the upcoming SoC will have 12 CPU cores and 8 GPU cores
MacBook Air 2021 India launch

Apple announced the MacBook Air based on an M1 chip in November last year. Now reports have popped up to suggest that the launch will take place somewhere in the second half of 2021 or 2022. The report comes from a credible media outlet, hence, we can expect the MacBook Air 2021 with the new chipset at the end of this year. However, with a few reports claiming chip shortage, we can see a change in the launch timeline.

MacBook Air 2021 India price

More like the launch date, we barely have any information about the price of the MacBook Air 2021. However, taking a close look at Apple's pricing trends, we can expect the laptop to ship at a starting price of Rs 95,000.
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