How to Create a Virtual Tour for Real Estate With an iPhone and Zillow 3D Home®

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Learn how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone using the free Zillow 3D Home® app. Follow the nine simple steps in this tutorial for a professional virtual home tour. Properties with Zillow 3D Home virtual tours can get more views and sell faster than listings without.

Equipment needed: iPhone 7 or above
Optional equipment: Tripod with rotating head and phone mount

How to make a virtual tour with an iPhone
Download the Zillow 3D Home app from your iPhone®:
Open the app and tap “Start capture”. Choose the iPhone option. Enter the address of the property or skip it for now.
Select the room type in the app. It’s best to begin the virtual tour outside the front door, so pick “Front door” as the area title.
Capture the first panorama. If you’re using a tripod, adjust it to chest height, between 4 to 5 feet. You can also simply hold the iPhone vertically in front of your chest. Slowly rotate to the right in a full circle. The app will guide your motion and prompt you to adjust your speed.
Select “Add” in the app when finished with the first panorama.
Go inside and capture the next panorama. For each capture, stand in the room’s center, select the area title on your device and complete the panorama.
Review your panoramas and retake any blurry images.
Upload the tour to your Zillow dashboard once all panoramas are finished. Select “All panoramas complete.” Tap “Finish” when connected to Wi-Fi.
Log in to your Zillow dashboard to edit, share or publish the tour:
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