How To Control Your Tesla With Apple Watch ⌚️

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I recently ditched my beloved analog watches and switched to an Apple Watch Series 5 cellular version. I wanted to be able to access basic functions of my Tesla Model 3 from the watch while I'm on the go such as lock/unlock the car and remotely starting the car without having my iPhone with me. I found out that the Stats app I've been using on my iPhone for the last year also supports Apple Watch. In this video I share how to use Stats on Apple Watch, and how you can use Siri to control your Tesla from your Apple Watch.

*CORRECTION:* You can control your Tesla using all Siri voice shortcuts set in Stats app on iPhone, not just limited to functions listed on the Watch. For example, even though Vent Windows isn’t listed on Watch app as a function, you can still use Siri to do this from the Watch if you have set this up on iPhone.

NOTE: I forgot to mention in video that Apple Watch *does not* have a proximity sensor as iPhone does, so you would need to manually lock/unlock car each time if you do not have your iPhone with you.

➡️ Stats app for Tesla:

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