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There are TOO MANY Apple Watch out there in the market. I know its confusing so in this video I will be answering the question that everyone is asking me right now. "Which Apple Watch should I buy in 2020?" The Apple Watch Series 6? The Apple Watch SE? or the Apple Watch Series 3? Lets compare all 3 and do an easy comparison to answer which Apple Watch you should buy! We will be comparing all aspects of the watch. Including the design, performance, battery, features, and more.

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00:00 Intro
00:20 Clarification
00:50 Prices
01:03 Finishes
01:34 Display
02:05 Watch Faces
02:30 Digital Crown
02:43 Storage
02:49 Cellular
02:54 Performance
03:08 Water Resistance
03:11 Heart Rate
03:14 Battery
03:18 Apple Watch Bands
03:51 Series 6 Exclusive Features
04:14 Conclusion Series 6
04:38 Conclusion SE
04:52 Conclusion Series 3

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