☁️ 2020 iphone 11 purple unboxing & setup + shopee accessories/case | philippines

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hi! i’m ella! thanks for checking out this video. always stay safe and do what you love! till next time ily all x.

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my father bought the iphone 11 purple 128gb 2020 for me at the apple.com.ph site. If you have questions about buying at the apple ph site feel free to dm me :)

just a disclaimer, I am not trying to brag nor I am a spoiled child. This was the 2nd iphone bought to me from my father, I broke my first one (2018) which was the iphone 6 bought last 2016. After that I used my mom's old phone iphone 5s (broke homescreen button) and iphone 7 (broke microphone) both have a problem. I choose iphone 11 because it is way cheaper than the iphone 12 and I'll be a able to get a bigger storage when I choose iphone 11. I am really grateful to have a phone that I can now use for online zoom class and for my future videos. I just wanted to share this moment because this will serve as a memory and I really love watching iphone unboxings.

product links
tempered glass https://invol.co/cl203na
muji inspired case https://invol.co/cl203ms
butterfly with chain case https://invol.co/cl203n0

lets be mutuals
i’m more active on instagram https://www.instagram.com/wonuminie/
twitter (my svt stan/fangirl acc) @ wonuminie

for business/collabs
[email protected]

from? philippines
age? ‘04 liner
camera? Iphone SE 2020/ Iphone 7/ Ipad 6th gen
editor? vllo

I don’t any of the musics used in this video, all are credited to its rightful owners
VLLO Music
Demon Gummies

sorry if there are any typos or grammatical errors.

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