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Flash Mob - Cracow Dance Connection 29.04.2011 - Kraków - CDC

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CDC - Dance Flash Mob - 29.04.2011 Galeria Krakowska, Kraków

On the 29th of April 2011- International Dance Day, on the square in front of the main shopping mall in Cracow (Galeria Krakowska) a dance flash mob took place. The project was realized by Cracow's dance group Flow Academy and new media agency Kreatoria. More than 150 people participated in the event prepared for 3 months.

Cracow - is a city we live, create and perform in, a space of our more or less colorful everyday reality, home...

Dance - is a true passion that unites us, our motivation and motor of challenges we take, our dreams, free time , personality, our second magical world...

Connection - is a relation that was created between of more than 150 incredible people who took part in the preparations of CDC project.

- Katarzyna Pawłowska,
- Ewelina Janus,
- Aleksandra Krzyworzeka,
- Paulina Kędzior,
- Karol Miękina

Special thanks to:
- Galeria Krakowska,
- CineRental,
- TvNet,
- Podcast Lekko Stronniczy,
- II Liceum Ogólnokształcące w Krakowie,
- Klub Garnizonowy Wojska Polskiego,
- SP nr 7 w Krakowie,
- Akademia Tańca Shock Mode,
- Szkoła Tańca CARMEN,
- Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny Kraków

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