Coke Jelly Bottle - How to Make a Giant Gummy Coke Bottle for April Fool's Day

Coke Jelly Bottle April Fool's Day Prank Food! See how to make a giant gummy coke bottle jelly as a trick food for your April Fool's prank. Looks just like a real coca cola coke bottle but it's made out of coke jelly / coke jello. Also check out my dessert pizza which looks like it's a savoury pepperoni pizza but isn't. Coming soon to my channel so subscribe!

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How to make a giant Coke bottle gummy or Coke Jelly recipe ingredients:

600ml Coke bottle (plastic)
120ml water (boiled)
65grams McKenzie Gelatine Powder (or 6 & ½ Tablespoons)
4 Tablespoons sugar (or more depending on your taste)
Duct Tape
Spare glass (for extra)

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