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DJI Inspire 2 Speed and Night Flying [DJI Inspire 2 Footage #2]

Time for some tests of the Inspire 2! Watch the video until the end to see how to download unedited sample footage!

First test------- SPEED!

I flew about 10 passes side to side in a fairly straight line. The wind was blowing sideways so getting the flight straight wasn't an easy task. However, I'm gonna share the 2 best, including the fasted, passes of the day in a row. I'd say the average pass was around 86-90kmph (54-56mph), with the highest, as you see, at 96kmph (just under 60mph). This fast, with a side wind, is freaking fantastic, and I just know the shots this platform can produce will be simply amazing!

Second test-------Night Footage (Specifically looking at color, detail, and noise)

Being a smallish sensor camera, as the X4S is, noise is a very big problem to look out for in low light. Even though its much larger than the original Inspire sensor, this is still something I felt needed testing for usability beyond daytime shooting. Well, I'm pretty satisfied. As you see in the footage, the colors are fantastic, the details are clear, and the noise is minimal (In the video I say that I don't see any noise, however, after some critical viewing, I see some unobtrusive noise especially when the Inspire 2 is hovering over the intersection.).

I believe the footage that is achievable with this combo is far better than I expected, especially at night.

More tests to come.

Please comment below if there is anything specific you'd like to see.

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