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Gymnast's INJURY just before major competitions!!

Poor Starly (8) is on crutches with a badly sprained ankle!! Her figure skating Club Championships are next week and she can't walk never mind skate at the moment. And WORSE!! - a super major cheer leading competition is the week after that: ASIA PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

8 year old Starly's team (the Southern Cubs - youth Level 2) are scheduled to compete and she's one of their flyers. PLUS Starly is scheduled to compete as an individual on behalf of her club at Asia Pacifics too!! There's never a good time for a sprained ankle - but this feels like Bad Timing all the same. We hope Starly will be off crutches in around a week. The physio is obviously not optimistic about Starly's competition prospects. But Starly of course is in deep, deep denial and completely convinced there will be a last minute miracle. If you're the praying kind, please give Starly a mention. At the very least she's hoping not to let her cheer team down!!

As for the cause of the injury - the Cherub was fast asleep herself when she pushed Starly out of the bed. In Cherub's defense, Starly is a renowned blanket hog and it is winter here (albeit an unpleasantly warm one!).

On the up side - they have had some fun playing with those crutches!!

PS: That's one of Kyrie's leotards that Starly is wearing. If you watch gymnastics on the internet you won't need any further info!!

28th August, 2013