Doppler Effect In Light Waves

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DOPPLER EFFECT IN LIGHT WAVES: In our earlier session we have learnt about Doppler effect in sound.Now let us learn about Doppler effect in light.The physicist had found Doppler effect in sound waves, later he applied to light waves also.In case of light, due to Doppler effect, when the source of light moving to observer, the frequency of emitted light changes.When the frequency of sound wave changes, the intensity of sound changes.When the frequency of light wave changes, the color of the light changes.If we see at visible spectrum, we will find red light which has longer wavelength and blue light which has shorter wavelength.So, if any shift towards longer wavelength it is said to be as "red-shifts" and any shift towards shorter wavelengths is said to be as "blue shifts".The change in frequency is same as change in wavelength.Longer wavelength has lower frequency and shorter wavelength has higher frequency.As per Doppler effect, when source moves towards us, it has high frequency with lower wavelength and then the shift is "Blue-shift".When source is away from us, it has lower frequency with. higher wavelength and then the shift is "Red-shift".The Doppler effect in light can be seen with the help of device called as "spectroscope."