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DIY GALAXY Bath Jelly! Lush & Tumblr Inspired Galaxy DIY

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Lush-inspired DIY bath jellies have been very popular on Youtube lately so I thought it would be cool to add some DIY galaxy colours and glitter! Simply use this as a normal bubble bath :D! Be sure to rinse all glitter off thoroughly and if you have sensitive skin, you can replace it with edible glitter or lustre dust which will dissolve on their own. (Take care not to get into eyes)

Keep your DIY galaxy jelly in the fridge before using which helps to gelatine stay solid. Please use or gift this soon after making because the colours will start to blend into each other when left in the jar for many days.

2 Packs Powder Gelatine
1 Bottle Clear Shower Gel
Blue, Black, Pink & Red Food Colouring

1) Mix the gelatine according to packet instructions. It should be enough for 1000ml or 4.2 cups of water.
2) Mix gelatine into 500-1000ml of water. Use less water if you want a firmer jelly. In the video, I used a full 1000ml so you can see the texture of the jelly was quite soft.
3) Add shower gel and stir slowly until fully mixed with gelatine.
4) Mix black + blue food colouring to create an inky blue. Mix pink and red food colouring in separate cups. These are the basic colours needed for all diy galaxy projects.
5) Pour half the jelly onto a baking dish and add food colouring to make a lovely diy galaxy purple colour.
6) Pour the remaining mixture in a second tray and only use pink food colour to create a pink jelly.
7) Sprinkle with glitter and place both in the fridge for 2 hrs.
8) Once lightly set, take the diy galaxy jellies out and mix it up well to spread the glitter. Then return to the fridge overnight.
9) Layer the jellies in a jar to create the diy galaxy effect!

Camera - Sony A6000 -
Tripod - Joby Gorillapod -
Light - 65W Ring Light -
Software: iMovie 10.0.1

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Hope you enjoyed this diy galaxy tutorial! This was my first diy galaxy projects so please give it a thumbs up if you'd like to see more. Please remember that the diy galaxy colours will end up mixing together in the jar after a few days so if you make this as a gift then please be sure to do it shortly before giving it. Thank you for watching and hope you check back soon for more diy galaxy videos ^_^!