Battle on the 2% grade : Two trains on Warrenheip Bank : Australian trains and railroads

With exhaust going 100 feet straight up 9162 grain out of Charlton does battle with the 2% grade between Ballarat and Warrenheip. The locomotives are G521 ( JT26-2SS) owned by AWB, originally delivered to V/Line in 1986 ; B74 ( ML2 ) delivered to the Victorian Railways in 1953, preserved and leased by Seymour Railway Heritage Centre ; X31 ( G16C ) delivered to VR in 1966 and also preserved and leased by the SRHC.
They might be old but they are still doing what they were designed for and are impressive to watch and listen to when they get hard at it with a good load on a big hill.
A Vlocity DMU overtakes at about 2:35 into the clip.

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