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15 Unreal Ancient Sites And Artifacts

From Mound of the Hostages to Ancient Stepwells of India here are 15 Unreal Ancient Sites And Artifacts, which would you visit?

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# 10 Witch Bottles
In 2014, archaeologists digging at the Civil War Center in Nottinghamshire found a strange discovery: this 5.9-inch green glass bottle that many are calling a witch bottle. The bottle contained nail clippings, urine, and hair and was meant to work as a magical object to protect whoever was carrying it from bad luck and death.

# 9 Mound of the Hostages
The Mound of Hostages is 15 meters in diameter and 3 meters high and was built around 5,000 years ago. It is thought that as many as 500 people used the mound as their final resting place. It was built in relation to the sun and moon, specifically in a way that sunlight never penetrates the tomb except for twice every year. In excavations taken between 1955 and 1959 the cremated remains of over 200 people and several burial gifts, making it one of the most comprehensive set of grave goods ever found. More recent excavations have found buried stone structures that might suggest that the mound was originally a monument even bigger than Stonehenge.

# 8 Ancient Stepwells of India
India is home to thousands of wells like these hand carved stone wells that have perfectly symmetrical stairwells. The well naturally fills up with rain waters and the stairs allowed for people to walk to whatever level they needed to depending on the level of water at the time. Some of these wells are so big they look like a large pond.

# 7 Bethlehem Chapel
The Bethlehem Chapel is a historic site in Loire-Atlantique, France and was originally built in the Middle Ages. It was classified as a historic monument by 1911 but had eventually become a ruin by the 1990s. Jean-Louis Boisel and Gwenole Congard were commissioned to restore the monument, and instead of using traditional medieval constructs they decided to replace it with figures from pop culture. SO it is now restored in a medieval construct by guarded by statues of things like Gizmo and creatures from Alien turning an ancient historic site into a contemporary one.

# 6 Petra
Petra is a historical site known for amazing architecture that is cut directly from rock. It could have been established as early as 312 BCE but would not be discovered by the western globe until 1812. It’s a site full of tombs and has managed to stay mostly intact for thousands of years. And as late as 2016 archaeologists discovered a large monumental structure buried beneath the sands in Petra using satellite imagery.

# 5 Itsukushima Shrine
The Itsukushima Shrine is a Shinto Shrine in the Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. It was first built in 593 CE but has been rebuilt over and over again over time. The entire shrine is built on a pier away from the ground because the island was once thought to be too sacred for people to set foot on. The shrine was rebuilt most recently in 1875.

# 4 Thor’s Hammers
Researchers have found thousands of tiny hammers all over ancient Viking territories for years, but we are still unsure whether or not these were dedications to Thor’s Hammers or something else entirely. The abundance of intricately made amulets baffled researchers. A new amulet was found that had the phrase “This is a hammer” carved into it. Which is baffling because it implies the smith who created the charm was literate and also very literal in their sense of style.

# 3 Cave of the Seven Sleepers
In the year 250, the Roman Emperor Decius declared that everyone must perform a sacrifice to the empire and Roman gods. The Christian communities living under his rule did not appreciate this, and so seven young Christian men fled to a cave in the outskirts of the city and fell asleep. So they were sealed in by Roman soldiers. These caves are still known as the Cave of Seven Sleepers to this day.

# 2 The Red Church
The Red Church in what is now Bulgaria was one of the earliest Christian buildings ever built, established between the 4th and 5th century. It was a building that had ceilings of 32 meters to 104 feet and covered in huge frescoes. It was eventually destroyed by Crusaders in the 13th century, but parts of the original structures still stand to this day.

# 1 The Lonely Castle
Standing in the middle of absolutely nowhere in the north Saudi Arabian desert is a tomb cut into a rock formation. It is a part of an ancient Nabatean settlement but is the biggest tomb in the area by far at 131 feet tall. It is a four-story monument that is carved directly into the rock and while it is called a “Castle” it was never completed and is mostly just the outer facade.