"Magic" DIY Lava Lamp Aquarium!! Watch Your Fish GROW Inside the Liquid!!!

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I got the idea for this DIY lava lamp after finding some shape-changing fish toys. This is a fun DIY because it's so customisable and you can use almost any container or decorative stones/shells. I also found it surprisingly relaxing to film this "lava lamp" using the slow-mo mode on iPhone. Of course, you can skip the fish and seashells entirely and simply use food colouring and oil to create a simple DIY lava lamp!

The fish will absorb water from this lava lamp causing the liquid level to sink so you may need to add more baby oil if you want to keep it for longer. If you don't want to use this DIY lava lamp anymore, then simply take the fish out and they will shrink back to their original size! The trickiest part of this DIY was adjusting the string so each fish hangs at the right height and angle. Bear in mind that they expand 4-5x the size so be sure to leave be enough space between each one.

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Hope you enjoyed this DIY lava lamp inspired tutorial! Obviously, it's not a true lava lamp since the bubbles don't move on their own, but I still found it very fun and relaxing to watch. Unlike most diy lava lamp tutorials on Youtube, I decided to keep the colour contrast quite subtle and go for an aquarium inspired look of pale blue water and see through glittery oil.