More Horn Shows in Fullerton! (#2)

If you have not watched the first video, I total have around 25 minutes of horn shows during friday night rush hour in Fullerton. FanOfthePADRES411, TheSd90mac, 455amtrak, AmtrakSantaFeBoy, and a bunch of other railfans joined us. Please thumbs up, comment, and subscribe!
1. Cab Car 6906 departs with 2 departure honks and private car
2. Metrolink Locomotive 897 gives 2 friendly honks
3. BNSF 7865 puts on horn show past Fullerton
4.BNSF 7380 honks twice for me, Weevil28, 455amtrak, and TheSd90mac
5. BNSF 7533 honks alot past Fullerton