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5 Smartphone Gadgets You Must Have

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5 Smartphone Gadgets You Must Have
01- ReveaLED: http://goo.gl/IqCPLK
02- ViKC: http://goo.gl/RKCJSf
03- JIC: http://igg.me/at/justincase/x/12504322
04- THEFEIYONG: https://igg.me/at/bUVSgdqldHg/x/12504322
05- i-BLADES : http://www.i-blades.com

01- ReveaLED - The UV LED Flash Light for Smartphones
Introducing the Word's First synchronized UV LED Flash light. Let's discover the photography under dark.
02- ViKC: Virtual Keyboard Cover, smartphone typing made easy
Make your phone smarter and more comfortable with ViKC, the laser keyboard integrated in a smartphone case.
03- JIC - the first and only recording case for iPhone
JIC - Just In Case, world's first iPhone case that also records calls and in-person conversations!
04- Multifunctional mobile phone cooler
THEFEIYONG Multifunctional Mobile phone cooler,gives your mobile phone dependence
05-The World's First and Most Intelligent Smartcase
The phone case that intelligently increases the capabilities and functions of your smartphone.