Intelligent Compaction of Asphalt (MSDOT Demo) Part 2 of 4: Mini-HMA

Intelligent Compaction (IC) undergoing testing by MSDOT. IC is an improved method of compaction. IC rollers measure their effectiveness during construction and immediately display the results on screens inside the machines. Construction teams are working towards uniform compaction—the road needs to be firm and even—and IC makes that goal easier to reach. Roller operators can view their compaction progress on IC rollers' screens.

Since uniform compaction leads to more durable roads, the ability to accurately monitor progress is important. IC rollers make this simple—their equipment collects data while compacting, and operators use the data to track their progress and adjust their procedure as necessary.

Watch the team prepare for asphalt paving, conduct asphalt paving operations, compact EB LN1 asphalt base course, conduct nuclear density gauge measurement behind the Sakai IC roller, and discuss operations at the asphalt IC test site. This part of the demo also includes compaction of EB LN1 asphalt base course with a CAT roller, and preparation and paving of EB LN2.

This testing took place on US 84 in Waynesboro, MS, from July 13 to July 17, 2009.

As well as improving the level of quality control, IC is intended to save time and reduce costs: IC can work as a replacement for conventional testing. Instead of stopping construction in order to test samples, workers can keep compacting while they gather data. Compaction data shows up on-screen inside IC rollers, reducing the need to go back and test cores from the road.

Since important data is immediately available inside IC rollers, construction teams can base their procedure on that feedback. This allows them to confidently and quickly achieve uniformly compacted roads.

To read more about intelligent compaction and learn how you can implement IC in your compaction project, please visit http://www.IntelligentCompaction.com/.

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