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♡ DON'T OPEN ME UNTIL YOU'VE WATCHED THE WHOLE THING MY LOVES!!!! (surprises will be spoiled ahead - open with caution) I truly cannot express how much you mean to me, you guys are my everything and the reason I can do what I do. You give me purpose and have literally fulfilled my dreams of letting me create + share it with the world. I love you & thank you for the support/positivity/hugs/cookies (u brought cookies right???) XO lauren


One of my favourite things about YouTube is that our prettylittelaur fam is borderless. The internet brings us together because we share a passion for DIY, creating and positivity. This next chapter will only bring MORE of all that to my channel and I can't wait for you to be a part of it. I'm slightly terrified (mostly terrified) but SO excited for what's to come and I'm sosososo thankful to have you guys, my amazing DIY fam, for support. I LOVE YOU!!!! (also prepare for my insta theme to be in complete chaos while living in 2 different cities/climates LOL)


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