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DJI Inspire 2 with VR headset and Litchi App test by

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This is a test of a gimbal control on DJI Inspire using VR goggles and Litchi app for android. This test was done after DJI Inspire 2 firmware update on March 3, 2017. At this moment Litchi has an issue with the update and crashes.

A new (April 12, 2017) Litchi update:
DJI Firmware Update Issue
Dear Litchi Pilots,
The new DJI firmware updates for and fixed the issue introduced in the previous firmware versions which would cause erratic behavior in some of Litchi's flight modes. All of Litchi's flight modes are safe to use again with the latest firmware version for the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro. The issue still exists in the current firmware for the Inspire 2.

The Litchi Team

A new (March 21, 2017) Litchi update:
- due to a bug in the DJI firmware, Follow, Focus, Track and VR with Immersive/Joystick Head Tracking modes are no longer usable with the following drone models and firmware versions: Mavic Pro (v01.03.0500), Inspire 2 (v01.0.0240) and Phantom 4 Pro (v01.03.0418). If you are using one of these firmware versions and wish to continue using these flight modes, either downgrade to a previous firmware version using the DJI Assistant 2 or wait for DJI to release a new firmware that will fix this bug

I hope DJI will fix the firmware in nearest feature.