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Easy Diy Peel Off Lipstick Stain Really WORKS | BeautyByJosiek | Peel Off Lip | Diy Lipstick Peel

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My charcoal DIY black head remover peel mask

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Please remember that everyone is allergic to different things and even though the glue is toxic free you may still be allergic to a ingredient read the ingredient list always before putting anything on your face and you can always to a match test on the back of your arm or the bottom of your chin to make sure everything will be fine.

-a small mixing bowl (pinch bowl, or dipping bowl)
-q tips or lip brush
-school white glue
-food coloring (i used neon)
but you can use whatever you want.
-a gloss to put over it if you want to

Steps for this diy
1. open everything you'll be using food coloring and glue
2. Take some glue maybe a tablespoon depending how big your lips are. Put the glue into the mixing bowl
3. Drop 2-6 drops of food coloring depending on how deep you want your stain.
4. Mix your glue and food coloring together with q tips or lip brush. mix them until it forms a solid color.
5. Then apply mixture to your lips Apply liberally.
6. Now wait! it took mine just over 10 mins but I'm sure other factors will going into it such as how much you apply and how hot your house or where ever you are doing is. so just wait for the mixture to turn semi matte and not be sticky to the touch when you touch it with your finger I'm going to say anywhere between 10 to 20 mins maybe do your other makeup while it dries :) try not to touch your lips together because they will stick and if you pull them apart they will tear and come off of the top or bottom and you'll have to start over.
7. once it is dried start to peal from one side and just slowly pull it up make sure to go slow just incase it gets stuck to your lip. if it does ( it might happen if you have dry lips i did when i did this) try to work around it from all angles until it starts to come up.
8. once everything is off you can add chapstick or lip gloss :)
dont lick your lips while its drying or some of the food coloring will rub onto your tongue.
lips stains are really awesome and you can make any color with this technique of a diy. it lasted me all day! and it doesn't transfer when you eat drink or kiss someone. also a peel off lip is really satisfying i hope you guys liked this video if you did please give it a like and a share !! :) love y'all

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