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400 + Layers Of Liquid Lipstick Mountain Challenge OMG Inspired By Polish Mountain | BeautyByJosieK


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#polishmountain is everywhere !
today i did the liquidlipstickchallenge

Hey guys so today i took all of my liquid lipsticks and layer by layer put them onto my lips for fun some people are calling it the liquid lipstick challenge or if its with makeup the 100 layers of makeup challenge or 100 coats of makeup challenge and if its with polish the polish mountain challenge named by simply nailogical !!!!! this video was inspired by the amazing and hilarious christine from simply nailogocal she is amazing and she did the polish mountain challenge. the polish mountain challenge is when you layer nail polishes onto of each other until you create a mini mountain.most people layer 100 layers of liquid lipstick or 100 coats of liquid lipstick i am ridiculous and have no life so i did 400 + layers or coats of liquid lipstick and i decided to do the polish mountain challenge or #polishmountain / #lipstickmountain only on my lips and with liquid lipstick.The liquid lipsticks didn't get to dry all the way as i would of liked them too, i guess I'm not as patient as i would like to think, but that much liquid lipstick on your lips is not very comfortable actually OMG! it was super drying on my lips after i took it off i have to exfoliate them and keep them hydrated for like 2 days. even after 10 layers is got so thick the liquid lipstick was already spreading around which i didn't want to happen.after like layer 60 to 70, i just couldn't make the crisp lines with the liquid lipstick anymore I'm sorry i tried guys! the messiness is unavoidable especially when you do more than 100 layers like me. i really wanted to stop at 100 and then i really really wanted to stop applying the liquid lipstick after 200 but i kept going for you guys! oh and just so you know i had a fan blowing onto my face to help it dry faster !! and it did help a lot !! you usually are waiting 5 minutes in-between each coats i didn't have to wait that long. i will tell you all if you want to try this challenge you really have to have 1. a lot of liquid lipstick and 2 a lot of patience. I hope y'all enjoy! and i hope i did justice on the polish mountain or in this case liquid lipstick mountain.
ps i decided to start to layer the liquid lipstick with the same colors sometimes because some of my liquid lipstick were getting on and mixing with my other liquid lipsticks. so this kind of helped.

OMG! i was thinking of some awesome names for this trend and i came up with 100 layers of beauty and beauty mountain so hash tags of #100layersofbeauty

I used a couple of my liquid lipstick more than once.

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