Lego Cake

Lego Cake

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I hope you all like it - I wanted to make printing the recipes easier so I have a really simple and clear site. I hope you'll check it out - http://www.sweetheartcakesbakes.co.uk/

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I made this birthday cake for the grandson of my friend last month and I recorded it especially for you guys.

There is no narration, just follow me on screen. It's a demo rather than a full tutorial.

This is the first (and only) Lego cake that I've ever made so I would change a few things if I made it again but I hope you find this useful.

-I made the Lego pieces a week before the rest of the cake.
-I washed the real Lego that I brought and let it dry fully before use.
-I used royal icing in a piping bag to stick the pieces on the cake.
-I used the wide end of a cupcake nozzle to make the dots on the green base board.
-I brought Lego ribbon on Ebay for about £2.
-I made an 8 inch cake (3 layers of marble sponge cake) which was around 4 inches tall.
-To remove the flour from the fondant, I dampened a brush and brushed the flour away. Blot off the excess water - you want a slightly wet brush, not dripping!