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How to calibrate DJI Phantom 4 Pro Compass

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I have been practicing the art of photography since I was sixteen. My very first camera was a manual Pentax. I love shooting black and white, and it is the format that introduced me to photography. I eventually graduated to a Canon Rebel, then a Canon Elan 7ne, 40d, 60d, and more. I learned so much about photography by shooting with film and black and white. I love the artistic abilities of the format. The way you can turn something ordinary into a piece of art is amazing. I feel that because of my foundation in black and white photography, color photography is easier. I like to be creative and because I still think in black and white, my color shots come out with the same style and attitude that I love. The artistic properties of black and white photography started me in a passion that I don't think I could ever give up.
I also began making short films when I was seventeen. At first my movies were just funny films of my family, and honestly many still are. More recently I love when I can get a group of friends together and create something different. I make fun shorts, but also commercial videos for individuals or companies. Recently I won a movie contest for a short film I produced last year. I really love anything creative that allows me to express myself and expand my horizons. Like photography, videography has a very creative side to it. It forces you to look at scenes differently. It forces you to have a creative story in your mind at all times. Because of this, I have discovered that both skills build on each other. The better my photography gets, the better my films are, and vice versa. It is another passion of mine and I am always looking for opportunities to film.
When I am not out shooting landscapes, portraits, or videos, I am SCUBA diving. I am an SDA Assistant Instructor. I have always loved water. Once I discovered SCUBA there was little else I enjoyed more. There is something magical about being underwater. The relaxation and the sights that come from SCUBA are unforgettable. We live on an amazing planet and sometimes we are quick to forget this. I love bringing the beauty of it to light, both photographically, and in video. This is also the reason I love teaching it. Every time someone else sees how amazing the other part of our world is, they are so excited. I really love feeling that I opened the door of adventure to someone else. I remember the first time I dove, and I hope my students all feel the same grandeur and excitement that I did.
Whether you find me shooting, film, digital, video, or diving, you will never find me without passion. I love what I do, and every experience that I have had has taught me new things. The one thing I have learned most, is to never stop learning. Once you stop learning you are done. But once you realize that your capabilities of learning are endless, so is your potential.