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MBTA: Boston T: Blue Line Outbound Train Departing Airport

Boston's Blue Line departs one of the busiest airports in the country, Logan International Airport (although the station is simply named "Airport").

The Blue Line Airport Station is not quite in the actual vicinity of Logan Airport. Direct access to all terminals and the Rental Car Center is provided with the Logan Airport Shuttles. These articulated buses are free and include tons of luggage racks inside. Logan Airport Shuttles stop right in front of the Blue Line's Airport Station.

The T has five lines (3 subway lines, 1 light rail line and 1 BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) line. The three subway lines are the Red Line, the Orange Line, and the Blue Line. The light rail line is the Green Line, and the BRT line is the Silver Line.

The Red Line, Boston's heaviest ridden line, runs between Alewife (we quite love this name) to Braintree via Harvard, Downtown and Quincy. Some trains branch off South of Boston to Ashmont, with connecting service to the Ashmont-Mattapan High Speed Line.

The Orange Line runs between Oak Grove and Forest Hills via State, Downtown Crossing and Chinatown.

During the 80's and 90's, the Orange Line underwent extreme renovations. Previously, the Orange Line ran straight through the lower-income areas of South Boston, including the center of Roxbury. The tracks were ripped out and moved to the west to make the Orange Line safer, as some people were afraid of riding the Orange Line. A bike path now runs along the tracks as well.

The Blue Line, Boston's least ridden line, only has 12 stations, and runs from Bowdoin in Downtown, to Government Center (closed currently), to State, and heads northeast to Logan Int'l Airport. Direct connection to all terminals is provided with Logan Airport Shuttles. the Blue Line continues northeast, through residential areas, to Wonderland (we love this name as well).

The Green Line is Boston's Light Rail Underground/Overground Line. Even though the Green Line is Boston's 2nd-most used line, it has very limited capacity and suffers from old age. Nevertheless, the Green Line starts in Lechmere and crosses through Downtown. After Copley Station, the Green Line branches off to 4 different directions, B, C, D and E. The E goes to Heath, the D goes to Riverside, the C goes to Cleveland Circle, and the B goes to Boston College.

Boston's fourth-most ridden line, Silver Line is a BRT system which uses low-floor articulated buses with luggage racks. The Silver Line has 4 branches: SL1, SL2, SL4, and SL5. Each terminate at South Station (except SL5), and SL1 goes to the Airport (it's free!). SL4 and 5 go to Roxbury, and SL2 goes to the Design Center. SL5 also does a loop around Downtown. SL4 and SL5 operate mostly on Washington Street before reaching Downtown and share a dedicated bus tunnel and a roadway.

The articulated buses of the Silver Line switch to electricity upon entering underground tunnel areas, and are attached to wires with a MUNI bus-like electric cable system.

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