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MBTA Commuter Rail Night Railfanning - Nov. 5, 2013

Shot 1 (0.00): MBTX 1123 (GMD GP40MC) leads Train 339 into Lowell. Listen to that Cummins HEP generator roar! MBTX 1652 (Bombardier CTC-1B) brings up the rear.

Shot 2 (1:05): MBTX 1123 pushes Train 342 out of Anderson RTC after dropping me off. This is the same train set seen in the first shot, only inbound.

Shot 3 (1:40): MBTX 1027 (EMD F40PHM-2C) leads Train 341 into Anderson RTC, MBTX 1643 (Bombardier CTC-1B), the Boston Strong cab car, in tow and bringing up the rear.

Shot 4 (2:30): MBTX 1001 (EMD F40PH) crosses Walkers Brook Drive as she leads Train 279 into Reading Depot. MBTX 1800 (Hyundai Rotem CTC-5) brings up the rear.

Shot 5 (3:55): MBTX 1005 (EMD F40PH) leads Train 231 into Reading Depot before continuing on towards Haverhill.

Shot 6 (5:50): MBTX 1011 (EMD F40PH) leads Train 335 into Wilmington before continuing on towards Lowell, laying on the horn as she pulls out.

Shot 7 (7:00): MBTX 1801 (Hyundai Rotem CTC-5) leads Train 336 out of Wilmington, a train consisting entirely of glistening, new Rotem coaches!

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Filmed with a Canon PowerShot SX230 HS in beautiful Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Edited with Apple iMovie.

© 2013 Signal Hill Productions