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Swiss Rail - An afternoon at Rupperswil - Part 1

This is a compilation of train spotting during an afternoon rush hour at Rupperswil, canton Aargau in north central Switzerland. This station sits on one of the busiest stretches of railway in Switzerland, the main line extending west out of Zurich (route number 650). Long distance trains from Zurich traverse this route toward Olten where they continue to Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Geneva and Brig. International trains to Germany and France via Basel, as well as numerous RegioExpress and S-Bahn services also service the route. Freight trains to and from the Zurich area and Limmatal Marshalling Yard are also common.

This is part one of a little under 2:30 spent spotting at Rupperswil on Thursday Sept 15, 2016 starting around 2:40PM.