HD Amtrak Northeast Corridor Madness and two CSX trains at Perryville Maryland 11 29 2015

Watch in 1080 HD.
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One of the best time to Railfan Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor or NEC,is the Sunday after thanksgiving.This Is due to the fact,that the Railroad has to borrow equipment from New Jersey Transit or NJT and Maryland Area Regional Commuter or MARC.On November-29th-2015,I headed down to Perryville Maryland To film some of the action. I was successful on this date, filming Both the Marc’s Bombarider Transportation HHP-8s and NJT’S Arrow 3 cars made appearances. Amtrak put on a show of their own with the usual Acela’s,and ACS-64s.We also got 642 the Amtrak Veteran’s ACS-64 as well. Unfortunately We weren’t able to see any AEM-7s,but we also visited the CSX Philadelphia Subdivision or Philly sub and were able to film two eastbound CSX trains at a new spot for us.Jackson Station Road Bak 54.5 We started out the Morning at the Perryville Station.As a eastbound Acela rolled by.
Amtrak Northeast Corridor Perryville,MD
EB Acela 1:31.
After Hearing CSX Q216-27 calling signals,we went down Jackson Station Road Bak 54,5
A CSX ES40DC and D8-40DC in YN2 was the power.
CSX Philadelphia Subdivision.
Milepost 54.5 Jackson Station Ave.
CSX Q216-17 1:45
Detroit,MI to Philadelphia,PA.
Loaded Autoracks.
CSX GE ES40DC 5350 YN3 Nathan K5HL
CSX GE D8-40C 7604 YN2
Brand New Ferromex Autorack.
Though we never got to see 7604, we did catch a few of her sisters leading.
Here are links to those videos.

We Hope to go to Pam AM in 2019.
We then headed back to Amtrak.
A Southbound acela was the first train seen after arriving back at the station. 6:37
Next up was Northbound Amtrak 1054 with Marc Bombarider HHP-8 1074 Nathan K5LA This was one of the trains we had come to see.7:10
The Bombariders HHP-8s have has many problems.Amtrak had already retired them and Marc had planned to retired Them
At the time We Shot this Video.They have Since started to Rebuild them, our goal for 2019 is get them on Video.
Our first Siemen’s ACS-64 rolled by.7:38
30 minutes later, another ACS-64 rolled by.8:25
15 mins later an ACS-64 rolled by 9:04
then 5 minutes later a northbound Acela 9:26
The Amtrak Veteran’s ACS-64 642 rolled by next on the point of a southbound Regional.9:48
A nice northbound had Phase 3 Baggage cars view liners and a surprise at the back.10:30
Another Acela was next.10:51
The next Acela gave the railfans at the station some incredible horn action.11:22
The last ACS-64 that we filmed arrived at 1:06PM
We then headed back to the Philly Sub to Film Q034-28 the northbound CSX Intermodal from Jacksonville FL which had a decent lashup,consisting of A ES40DC,AC4400CW in YN2 and a D8-40C.
CSX Q034-28 12:31
Jacksonville,FL to North Bergen,NJ
CSX GE ES44AH 780 YN3 Nathan K5HL
CSX GE AC4400CW 357 YN2
CSX GE D8-40C 7590 YN3
We arrived back at the station just in time to film the NJT Arrows.14:22
These cars were built in 1974 and will be in service until 2020 when their retirement is planned.
And that was it, for our day trackside around Perryville. Special thanks to my mom for the Ride, Jeffrey Y for the info on the Q034-28 and to Steven Talarsky for the HU on the Arrow’s and Marc Set.
Thanks for watching!
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