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[SFM/FNAF/Music] - My Demons -

Well, i made this faster then i thought :D.

Anyway, here's my newest work. Another animation with the word 'Demon' in the title.
That may be, but i promise you this is vastly different then the other animation.

After i was astounded with the big amount of positive feedback i received from Light Em Up, i proceeded to this animation.
I always wanted to make an animation with this song, but i know just ol' regular FNAF-style won't suffice.

So i let my brain do it's work and came up with the general idea of what this animation is about:

What if, after Springtrap died, the souls of the 5 children didn't got set free. They (now accompanied with Purple guy's spirit) are still stuck on earth, wandering Fazbears Fright, searching for some way to free their connection to earth.
Then, one day, their prayers were answered.
The apocalypse arrives. Meteor rain down from the sky, volcano's erupt, alien lifeforms ravage, zombie infection spreads a--you get the picture.
High in the sky, atop of 5 rock pillars, the doomed spirits sing their final song to hail the apocalypse and to be finally set free.

Such a happy and joyfull idea!

Anyway, nothing much else is to say except that animating Springtrap got a bit obnoxious after a while.
Oh well, at least the model's rig is good.

Please flag, ignore or downvote offensive/mean comments. We are here to have a good time, after all.

Thanks to Mikequeen123 again for porting the models for me ^^.
Watch him on DeviantArt!

Thanks to ImperfectAnimator for the map :D
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All the audio and other representations belong to their respectfull owners. Thanks in advance.
I solely own the editing.

STARSET - My Demons

Thanks for watching!