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Монорельс - Monorail Moscow Transportation

Monorail Moscow Transportation Mode As of 1 January 2008, the stations open for entry and exit of passengers from 6:50 to 23:00. On 10 January, the line officially started working in the transportation mode. The transit time was reduced to a range of 9 to 22 minutes (2-5 monorails running simultaneously on the line), the crew was reduced to just the driver, prices were reduced to 19 rubles per trip and students were allowed to purchase tickers. During the first week of in the transportation mode, (from 10 January 2008) the monorail carried 37,871 passengers. In the first week of the work in transportation mode, the monorail's daily use was between 5,700 to 6,200 passengers on weekdays and on weekends, 7,000 people.[32] After a month and a half after the transition into the transportation mode, passenger traffic reached 12,000 a day: "... the deputy mayor said that for 1.5 months of the monorail in the new regime, the number of passengers increased by seven times." On 22 July 2008, the Moscow Government expanded the list of categories of citizens entitled to free use of the monorail services. In November 2008, the maximum number of trains on the line was increased from 5 to 6 and, on 1 December, a new schedule was introduced. The average daily usage of the monorail in 2008 was 9,600 passengers per day.