Doc McStuffins Doctor Kit Doc is In Delux Doctor Set with more than 20 Accessories

Doc McStuffins Doc is in Deluxe Doctor Set
I really enjoy this Doc McStuffins Doctors Set is huge and it's a lot of fun I play for hours and I think I think I'm a good doctor now because I cute Lambie. What I love the most about this play set is that it comes with accessories for you and Lambie and the Stethoscope lights up and has real sounds also is magical because the cloth and the cast change colors and what can I said about the Doctors Bag I love it.

This Doc McStuffins Doctor Kit is called "The Doc is In" Deluxe Doctor Set and it comes with 3 Packages of toys thats is more than 25 Pieces.

Set Includes: Doctor's Bag, Stickers Sheet, Play Syringe, Play Otoscope, Play Blood Pressure Cuff, Magical Light Up Play Stethoscope, Play Bandage Cuff, Lambie Figure, Play Thermometer, Color- Change Cast, Cloth, Bandage Cuff, for you and Lambie, Play Bottle, Bandage Box, 3 Bandage Sticker Sheets, Knee Hammer,Play Scissors, Doc's Coat, Shirt, Name Badge with Name Card and Headband.

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