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Watch this before you buy a Phantom 4 Pro. Summary of two weeks of test-flying on the Azores.

I have been two weeks on Sao Miguel of the Azores islands, Portugal, flying and testing the Phantom 4 Pro.
At the end of the trip I gave a summary of everything that we did and found out.
This video is published first, so you don't have to wait two months before getting the conclusions :D.
Also it gives a nice preview of all that is to come.

Link to DJI forum about this video if you want to share your own experience with them:

* image is crystal clear
* panning goes really smooth
* hovering is incredibly stable, making hand catching piece of cake
* making photos WHILE recording is great (although this is in video-resolution)
* returning the same route for 1 minute when losing signal is very smart

* Go app 4 crashing 1-2 times every flight. (with Android OS. iOS seems to work fine).
* Go app 4 often not connecting to the drone.
* Flickering in dark areas with high contrast, such as when filming in direction of the sun
* Vibration, esp. flying backwards or when hovering
* Tripod mode switches randomly to A-mode, it caused a crash which damaged the landing gear
* Infrared sensors at sides are only used in Tripod and beginners-mode
* Narrow Sensing not discovered
* Without satellites/in Tripod mode it won't ascend above ten meters
* Internal 3D mapping of obstacles not noticed, nor does it make sense
* precision landing can be dangerous
* landing on water still possible

My Equipment list:
* Phantom 4:
* Phantom 4 Pro:
* HDMI module
* FPVLR antenna from
* NVIDIA Shield K1 tablet
* Fatshark Dominator V3 goggles
* DJI Go app 4
* Gopro Hero 2 and 3
* SJCAM SJ4000 action cam
* Panasonic HC-V380
* Adobe CC 2017 software (Premiere Pro, Photoshop):