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Phantom 3/4 unmodified antenna vs Parabolic Antenna Booster/Reflector vs DBS antenna range test

Under strong interference in urban city of Hong Kong, I tested the relative range of unmodified antenna, parabolic reflector and DBS antenna using the first warning message of weak signal from the DJI GO apps. In this area, the strong interference warning is present, meaning long range flight is not recommended. I fly towards the open sea at 100m height. The reason I used the first sign of signal weakness as the end point is because batteries are the single most important factor in long range flight and I just want to know the relative range of the three rather than the maximum range that each could achieve. Under strong interference, I have experience loss control signal easily and this is the reason I purchased the reflector and the DBS antenna. I used a Phantom 3 professional and two remote controllers, one modified with DBS Phantom 3 remote controller, the other is a Phantom 4 remote controller, unmodified and with reflector added. For your information, the Phantom 3 advanced/professional and the Phantom 4 are essentially the same remote controller (with slight different in the label of the buttons).

The range of DBS antenna, reflector and unmodified antenna are 2153.8m, 2149.6m and 1307.2m respectively. However, when the first sign of signal weakness of the reflective occur, the RTH loss of control signal appeared. I don't know why. Nevertheless, for the relative low price of the reflector, it is an excellent alternative to the DBS antenna, which is more than 10 times the price.

Sorry for the typos. The DBS is 2153.8m and not 2105.7m in the narrative of the film.

為引證天線對飛行距離的作用,小弟在極多干擾的背景用Phantom 3 Professional飛向大海,比較了DBS天線,反射碟和原廠設置的距離,以出現第一個圖傳微弱警告為終點。由於最遠距離往往不夠電返家,所以選圖傳微弱第ㄧ次警告為終點做客觀標準。DBS天線,用反射碟和原廠設置分別得出2153.8m, 2149.6m和1307.2m的距離會出現第一次微弱警告。可是用反射碟的2136.7m在出現警告時同時已斷線RTH回航了! 結論是DBS天線係最强,反射碟次之,原廠就最差。但價格反射碟$100而DBS連改$1500,所以反射碟性價比勝了!