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Beyonce - YONCE Dance Cover | GIRIN choreography

Long time no see again! This is actually something I learned a year ago but I finally managed to finish it! Girin is amazing and I cry. HELIXX is supposed to do a group version but it's really hectic right now cause it's Chieko and Ally's senior year and getting busy with KoDE stuff TT^TT but fear not! We are working on a collaboration which will hopefully be done real soon! I also ended up learning Hyuna's "Roll Deep" a while back but never got around to recording it haha so I might put that up sometime soon too.

I really love doing non K-Pop dances cause it's refreshing and challenging but it's soooo hard to find something that's my style/that I don't look like a spazzing flamingo doing haha. But I found several that I think will be good so hopefully I'll be able to do those as well!

As always, thank you so much for watching and being patient and I will see you in my next one!

Thank you Chieko for filming~!

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